A little about me and dxdt.life


My Background

I grew up in a conservative family in a conservative evangelical church in a conservative town. I was smug and superior, and I saw the world in black and white.

In college my views began to shift to the left, ideologically, however I maintained my belief that heterosexuality and cis-gender were the only intention of God. Though my views slowly softened over the next few years, it wasn't until I was 28 or 29 that my conviction on this flipped. This happened primarily because I started hanging out with two lesbians whom I cherish dearly, who were and are living out their faith more fully than I am.

It has taken a lot of effort and introspection to shift my views on transgenderism. As hypocritical as it is, transgender people, especially male-to-female trans people, still make me uncomfortable, especially if they had the 'misfortune' of having genetics for a particularly masculine form. I have to forcibly remind myself that this is normal, acceptable, and beautiful. It took me a long time to come to grips with my own gender and the rightness of my gender expression. I'm not quite there yet with other people, but I will get there.

dxdt.life Domain Name

Why the dxdt.life domain name? It's a gender/physics/calculus pun. Probably the best pun I've ever made. Don't worry about it.

Explain the joke

Disclaimer: by clicking the above link, you agree to take full responsibility of any and all consequences that explaining the joke may effectuate, namely that of the joke no longer being funny.

In calculus, the derivative of a function f(x) is written as df/dx, and commonly pronounced "dfdx". The ds in df/dx are a specific variation of Δ (delta), which mathematicians use to describe the change in value of a variable. As I'm a math geek, for years my primary username has been dfoverdx. I actually own another domain name: dfdx.us. (Also, pokemon-soul.link, but that's less relevant.)

In physics, dx/dt is commonly used to describe velocity. The position is represented by x, and time is t, so velocity is the change in position (the distance traveled) divided by the change in time (the amount of time it took to travel). Whether aware of it or not, you use this definition all the time. If you're going 60 miles per hour, then Δx = 60 miles and Δt = 1 hour. Since dfoverdx has been my username, dxoverdt is a fun (sigh) derivative of the original.

Now for the pun. The derivative dx/dt means the change in x over the change in time. The chromosome that determines the anatomy of a person is called the X chromosome for female anatomy and the Y chromosome for male anatomy. Thus, dx/dt, in this context, is the change in femininity over time.